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Today FEN can confirm that ex-iGame player, Lasse ‘ZOREE‘ Uronen has officially joined top Finnish side, VITALIS.

A week ago news broke that VITALIS’ star AWPer Otto ‘ottoNd‘ Sihvu would be leaving the team to replace long standing player, ZOREE in the line up. It was clear that ZOREE did not want to take a break from competitive play and now has confirmed that he will be the direct replacement for ottoNd in the VITALIS line up. 

VITALIS have been on an extremely successful run over the past few months since they left SkitLite, placing 4th in ESEA Mountain Dew League and reaching good placements at Assembly Summer 2017. ZOREE will be hoping to wipe the slate clean and have an extremely successful career with the VITALIS side who are rumored to have an organisation lined up for the near future.

With ottoNd playing such a big role in the team (both their AWP and in game leader), VITALIS have been forced to switch up roles seeing Joonas ‘aune‘ Rantala taking the stage as the teams new caller for the team.

The team are playing in the ECS Online Qualifiers tonight where there is a big possibility we could see an Assembly rematch of  VITALIS vs  HAVU where quite the rivalry has been building.


 Tony ‘arvid’ Niemel√§
 Joonas ‘aune‘ Rantala (C)
 Jani ‘Aerial‘ Jussila
 Lasse ‘ZOREE‘ Uronen
 Verneri ‘BONA‘ Junkala

We look forward to seeing what ZOREE can bring to this line up.

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