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Streamer Spotlight: KessuadeShow

We managed to catch one of Finland’s top H1Z1 streamers Anton “Kessuade” Lindgren in between his busy schedule and he has answered some important questions. 

1. Why did you choose H1Z1:KoTK to stream as an eSport? 

I was introduced to H1Z1 by a good friend of mine about a year ago and I instantly knew this was a game I enjoyed and feel like I could compete for long periods of time as well as entertaining people. 

2. What goals have you set yourself as a top Finnish streamer casually and competitively?

I set myself goals in-game also which made me focused and dedicated to stream such as a Top500 eu player and in Royalty. I completely surpassed my expectations and now I am far into the Top100 in EU and Top5 in Finland. There is a tournament organiser RevengeEU that hosts 3 games per day, 5 days per week and the best players battle it out for the win. I have just applied to represent Finland in these games and hopefully I can come out with many wins. I can’t wait to push myself next season and continue my progress to the top in H1Z1:KotK! 

Here is a highlight of Kessu winning in his highest scoring match!


3. What is it about streaming that you love? Why should people tune in every time?

I wanted to be a part of a small community where people can relax and have laughs, it certainly helped me watching other streamers with the stress of work and real life problems but now I get to give back to the community with entertaining people and it is the most rewarding experience I’ve had.

4. How do you rate H1Z1 overall? 

It’s a game that requires constant improvement to be the best and when fighting vs over 150 people in 1 game it can get very intense! The player-base has dropped significantly since I started playing but that is due to the developers taking too long to update their game with various issues. However there is a game-changing update coming very soon which could bring people back + more. The rival game right now is PUBGBATTLEGROUNDS, the game has a different feel to it and if H1Z1 doesn’t fix the problems it has right now I could potentially move over with no problem.

5. Where can people watch you and what will they experience?

I’ve been playing H1Z1 and streaming for a long time now so I know how to have a good time whilst striving to win every game, there will be highs and lows but you will certainly not regret tuning in if you like to see 1 v 150 matches! I play fast for high scoring games and always interact with my viewers as they are my motivation.


Kessu is known for dying by the bombs in H1Z1


You can watch me live on Twitch. Highlights will be on my YouTube with other funny clips. I am also on Twitter and I will announce there when I’m live!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. teemadej

    July 3, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    this guy is absolut beast in this game!

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