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SkitLite Announce New CSGO Team

The announcement came on Twitter:  

We are sure this has been planned for a while at SkitLite as they have been fielding just an academy team for some time.

The captain of the lineup and returning player sLowi has struggled to find himself a long term team, despite his outstanding individual performances and placements with the teams he has been with. Hopefully for him this will be the opportunity he needs; a team around him in which he can operate freely and excel once more. 

sLowi had this to say about rejoining SkitLite:

“It’s time to return home! The whole team is honoured to represent an organisation like SkitLite even though we haven’t been playing together for that long. I want to thank Theo and the whole crew for the opportunity they have given us. I am looking forward to showing everyone what we are capable of.”

This is the new SkitLite.CSGO:

Olli ‘sLowi‘ Pitkänen
Topi ‘tofi‘ Heinonen
Mika ‘MISKA‘ Raitila
Daniel ‘pheini‘ Nyholm
Juho ‘Tunkkis‘ Hänninen

The team will be competing in the €6,000 Connection CS:GO Lan event this weekend after qualifying online here, looking to make their mark with a new name. You can also keep up to date with their progress in the ESEA Open Division here


Source: SkitLite

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