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PENTA 2-0 Playing Ducks in RB6 Pro League

If you were a PENTA fan and watching their match vs Playing Ducks you would have been very nervous, for what most people thought would be a PENTA win, not many people would have expected Playing Ducks to take an early lead in both maps and make PENTA sweat as much as they did. 

In their previous match vs Supremacy, PENTA won 2-1 in nail biting fashion after losing the first map. Joonas ‘jOONAS‘ Savolainen had a poor first map but improved in the 2nd and 3rd to help his team come back and win so we made sure we kept a close eye on this match too.

jOONAS’ double kill inspiring PENTA’s comeback



jOONAS then secures the 6-4 comeback and PENTA win the series 2-0


PENTA winning both of their matches solidifies their spot in the next season of Pro League and reinforces their position as the team to beat. They will also be playing in the regional playoffs to represent Europe at GamesCom!

Source: ESL

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