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New Organisation NYYRIKKI Esports Launches

Photo: NYYRIKKI Esports

New Finnish organisation “NYYRIKKI Esports” has announced it’s official launch into the Finnish esports scene by signing an Overwatch roster that was built by both the organisation and team captain, Miku ‘perry‘ Airaksinen. 

There has been much speculation regarding this new mystery organisation who have entered into the scene and received the Assembly ROG invite. Many were expecting another traditional sports team to be coming into the equation to compete with Pori Aces and Helsinki REDS within the Overwatch space however NYYRIKKI Esports are an independent management group made up of both experienced managers and investors.

From the outset it appears that NYYRIKKI Esports have plans to invest significantly into their new roster with news coming that the team will be one of the few full-Finnish esports teams receiving a monthly wage.

From Left: baba, astt, tonder, perry, tappomasa & twidi

The line up that has signed and will be competing for NYYRIKKI Esports is as follows:

 Miku ‘perry‘ Airaksinen (C)
 Jussi ‘twidi‘ Tiipi√∂
 Toni ‘tonder‘ Rehn
 Sami ‘astt‘ Kuortesaho
 Samuli ‘baba‘ Vento
 Petja ‘tappomasa‘ Kantanen

 Sami ‘sami‘ Ferm (Manager)

The line up see’s ex-Void Child duo perry and astt once again teaming up as well ex-Splyce star twidi joining his first full-Finnish team on Overwatch. Newcomer baba joins as the team’s Soldier 76 along with ex-Nerf Gaming duo tonder and tappomasa.

The brand released this video for their launch on Twitter:

The NYYRIKKI Esports brand is based on Finnish mythology where the Kalevala tells of the Finnish God “Nyyrikki” who was the God of hunting and son of Tapio. 

Team Captain Miku ‘perry‘ Airaksinen said this about his new team and organisation:

We’re extremely excited for the opportunity to represent NYYRIKKI. Although NYYRIKKI is a brand new organisation, the support provided by them has already helped our team tremendously, and will continue being a key factor in allowing our team to focus on improving our game play. The next step for us is the ASUS ROG tournament at Assembly. After that, we’re going be focusing our efforts on growing together as team, recruiting a dedicated coach and reaching the highest levels of play. Having an organisation like NYYRIKKI that is centered around its Overwatch team is essential in helping us reach our goals.

Co-Owner Martti ‘SuBa‘ Vahimets wanted to share his excitement about the future:

It is an honour for us to be able to launch the NYYRIKKI Esports brand within Finland, specifically within the Overwatch scene. Our objective at NYYRIKKI is to build an organisation that holds an extremely strong reputation for supporting our players and help them to make esports a career rather than just a hobby. Finland has a very talented player base in Overwatch, having one of the strongest domestic scenes in Europe as a whole. With Overwatch starting to grow stronger with every announcement that Blizzard makes, there is no doubt in my mind Overwatch is the perfect market for us to enter to begin with for our organisation. A lot of time and effort went into constructing our team and we are extremely pleased that we were able to sign the players we wanted to have in the team. For those who perhaps don’t recognize the name ‘Nyyrikki’, in Finnish mythology he was the God of hunting and son of Tapio. We felt the name NYYRIKKI would be extremely fitting for esports and bringing an aspect of the Kalevala to the Finnish esports scene. Our team will be debuting at Assembly Summer 2017.

The NYYRIKKI social media pages and website are as follows:

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