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Rainbow Six: Siege

jOONAS – ‘People want our heads now more than ever’

PENTA Esports recently won the Pro League Year 2 Season 2 Finals at Gamescom 2:0 and are the Rainbow 6 Siege World Champions again. This comes to no surprise for most people involved in Rainbow 6 as PENTA have been consistently dominant for a long time.

If you are new to Rainbow 6 Siege, the PENTA lineup is as follows:

Joonas ‘jOONAS‘ Savolainen
Fabian ‘Fabian‘ Hällsten
Niclas ‘BlouPengu‘ Mouritzen
Niklas ‘KS‘ Massierer
Daniel ‘Goga‘ Mazorra Romero

We spoke to Joonas to find out what it is like being the best team at their game and what effects it has on them as a team:

Playing for PENTA is cool, I met PENTA’s core people for the 3rd time recently and they are amazing, good buds.
Support-wise the PENTA guys are doing their best to provide us with the stuff we need to succeed. We are happy. We have internal struggles sometimes, but isnt that just normal?

I don’t actually feel any different now that we are seen as “best team in the world” by some people, we know that we can win tournaments but it needs lots of practice to to keep it that way. People want our heads now more than ever.

You can catch him streaming live here.

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