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Insomnia Announce CS:GO NON-BYOC Tournament

Photo: Mikko Rytilahti

Finnish LAN tournament organizers, Insomnia Ry have announced that they will be hosting a non-BYOC CS:GO tournament for the first time in 2 years, this Autumn. 

Insomnia, based in Pori, Finland are considered one of the biggest LAN events of the year along side Assembly, LanTrek and Vectorama. 

In 2016 Insomnia decided that they would not host a professional CS:GO tournament, only Hearthstone for the first time in a number of years in a decision that was disappointing to the community. Insomnia was always an event on the calendar that players and organisations alike were excited to attend.

The tournament is set to have 8 teams coming from 2 online qualifiers. The prize pool has not yet been confirmed but if it is to be similar to other years and other tournaments of similar scale it is believed to be around €5000.

To sign up for the qualifiers visit the link below:

Stay tuned on FEN for updates regarding prize pools and qualifiers.


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