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Helsinki REDS Enters Dota 2 & Completes Overwatch Roster

Photo: Helsinki REDS

Today Helsinki REDS has officially expanded into Dota 2 as well as signing 3 more talents to complete their Overwatch roster.

The Helsinki Reds Dota 2 team:

 Benjamin “Notah” Läärä (C)
 Jan “Womber” Kylmänen
 Kim “Vipu” Roos
 Risto “Ouker” Kakkonen
 Tomas “Syuuu” Sainio

The Helsinki REDS now operates teams in two games, having started with an Overwatch team in November 2016. Helsinki REDS general manager Christer Kasurinen said:

“We are currently seeing the beginnings of a Dota 2 boom in Finland. This is a very good time for us to expand into a new game, and more specifically a very good moment for us to begin our venture into Dota 2. We have been building this roster patiently for four months. We are finally at a point where we are ready to go. We are expecting big things from this team.”

Notah, the captain of the new team is excited to be working with the Helsinki REDS organisation:

“I am thankful for both myself and for the team, playing under Finland’s best esports organisation is an amazing opportunity for us.”

We are pleased to see the team’s new venture since we released an article not long ago about their emergence: /new-finnish-dota-2-team-appears

This is the first title that Helsinki REDS have ventured into outside Overwatch since their creation at the end of 2016. Helsinki REDS feel it is the right time to make this move following the new season coming in Dota 2 following the most recent International.

The Helsinki REDS also announced the signing of three new players to their Overwatch roster:

The new lineup is:

 Veikka “Talisman” Laine <-
 Matias “Lalli” Kivimäki <-
 Aleksi “Akke” Kivimäki <-
 Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen
 Kaapo “Kryma” Laine
 Jani “Exceed” Kosonen

The former Alpha Squad players will be familiar with playing alongside each other and will be filling the roles of support, DPS and main tank. 

Helsinki REDS general & Overwatch team manager Christer Kasurinen said:

“These are two very good teams combining under a single flag, the strengths of these players complement each other very well.
The new composition has been playing together for some time now and is looking forward to debuting in a tournament soon. The rest of the year will be pivotal for us. When the Overwatch tournament scene gets going again, we have every reason to believe that our team will be competitive in both national and international tournaments”

Eemeli “Woomera” Ikonen, the Captain of the Helsinki REDS Overwatch team is excited to play with former rivals:

“Even though there’s a lot of work to be done, we’re very confident that this was a good decision for the REDS. It’s been clear since our very first scrims together that we are all prepared to put in a huge effort for this team. We all are eager to get started, and everyone is chomping at the bit to get back on the tournament circuit. One thing is certain: there is no lack of skill or willpower in this team.”

We spoke to new arrival Talisman earlier and this is what he had to say:

“I’m excited to join hREDS with my teammates Akke and Lalli. We are certain combining that our teams together will result in a much more competitive Finnish scene, that will be seen on an international level more than before”

Helsinki REDS are proving once again that they are actively pursuing to be the best Organisation in Finland.

Best of luck to both of their new signings! 

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