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fragi – ‘we are confident facing any European team’

Gigantti have qualified for the playoffs at Los Angeles after beating Singularity 4-0 in the Overwatch Contenders League. This grants them the opportunity to now win a majority share of the $100k prize pool. 

Since the introduction of new talent Gigantti have improved drastically. As the surprise team of the tournament they were previously known for crushing opponents in the multi tank meta. Jiri ‘LINKZR’ Masalin has been mentioned by analysts often as the standout individual, a versatile and complete player such as him can not only dominate with a deadly Genji but can also play an incredible Widow. He tops the statistics in the entire tournament so far with Genji but as an adaptable player his Widow is not only great because of pinpoint accuracy but he also has great mobility, something most Widows do not have. 

Here is how they qualified:

We spoke to Joona ‘fragi‘ Laine about Gigantti’s performances:

We are all feeling quite merry after confirming our qualification for the Overwatch Contenders S1 playoffs, hoping that it motivates our fellow finns to work hard as well as it might lead to big things! We practice day in and day out, also we finally have great individual level on all 6 players and have started to mesh together really well. Personally I feel like our understanding of the game and teamwork are our strong points, in addition to having world class players.

To the people that say we were underdogs, we aren’t really feeling like underdogs anymore, our play is steadily levelling upping each week and currently we are confident facing any European team. LAN performance is always a big question mark though, so anything might happen in the playoffs (With how coherent our comms and play is currently I feel like we can have a stellar performance in a high stakes offline environment.)

The playoffs take place in Los Angeles on October 7th-8th and you can watch it live here.

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