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Finland at DreamHack Atlanta $250k Elite Series

Finland will have small presence at H1Z1:KoTK DreamHack Atlanta with a prize pool of $250k from 21st-23rd July.

The $100k  Atlanta Elite Series Solo tournament will only star 1 Finnish player, Riki “Splintexify” Järvinen. He will be facing off vs 59 other top H1Z1 players in a tournament trying to prove that not only is he among the best in Finland but the best in the world.

Riki wanted to share his thoughts approaching the event:

“I’m not going to go in with a game-plan, that would be a bad idea as there are so many variables which could effect the match (safezone moves/how other people play/ circumstantial gunfights). If I placed Top10 I would be satisfied but I am of course playing for the win, I want to win the tournament as it would be the only placement that would make me happy. I will use my experience from the Fight For The Crown $250k team tournament to my advantage, this time around there will be a live audience so nerves could set in but nerves didn’t get to me at FFTC. In the team tournament we have the hardest group from the qualifiers but considering our performances in tournaments and scrims I think we have a high chance of reaching the Finals, the minimum we will be happy with is Top5.”

His team mates that will be competing for the prize pool of $150k are:
Janne “ziki” Sajomaa (also from Finland)
Valentin “Vago” Gonçalves
Jack “RizaaR” Parker
Thijs “Memento” Wiersum

Get to know Riki and watch him stream here



There is 1 other Finnish player Miikka “MP” Kämäräinen who will be competing at DreamHack Atlanta,
under MockitLeague in the team tournament for $150k.

His team are:
Christopher “MountainFPS” Bolch
Jesper “Munthelino” Munthe
Rikard “zILLY” Johansson
Viktor “Kylskåp” Tollbrant

Miika wanted to share his thoughts on the tournament:

We are going there for the win but its not gonna come easy, so we will have to work hard and aim to be the winning team. We have couple strategies in mind that we are testing in the tournament scrim games right now that we think could give us the edge over our opponents. I think if we perform at our best we could beat Splintexify’s team and outplace them, but it will be tough as they are very good.

Get to know Miika some more when he live streams here.


With a $100 bonus per kill and $3000 for most kills the game play will be as fast and as thrilling as ever.




Source: H1Z1

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