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FIFA 18 to kick off with FIFA 17 Finnish Championships?

Photo: FIFA Championships

Professional FIFA player Anton Korvenaho “anzinho8” for Rynnäkköviikset (a grassroot associate of eSports brand SJK) tweeted recently “So apparently we’ll have the official finnish championships of FIFA 17 three weeks after FIFA 18 is released“.

This comes as a shock; an official championship in any game should never take place when the main player-base has moved onto the newer game. This will for sure divide the Professional FIFA scene in Finland between committing to the old game for the Official Championships or learning the newest game and being a step ahead of their rivals. 

We spoke with some of Finland’s top FIFA players and it is likely that most of them will not attend the tournament as they will be focusing on the new game. This would be awful publicity for ESM and event organiser Grail Group, with the competition at a much lower standard and therefore less viewership when the event is streamed. This would then mean uncertainty for people’s expectations for the FIFA 18 Finnish Championships. Hopefully more care is taken in the future to make sure the professional players are happy and the viewers.

The event will be in the Autumn Holiday week of 16th-22nd October (3 weeks after the release of FIFA 18) at 19-21 Turku, Finland.


Article Source: Turkulainen

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