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FEL Announce NHL 17 League

Photo: EA Sports

One of Finland’s newest tournament organizers, FEL (Finnish Esports League) have announced that they will be expanding their league operations beyond CS:GO and Hearthstone by launching their first NHL 17 league which is to be played on the PS4.

The tournament will run in the format of online group stages followed by the first rounds of the play offs being played online also. Once the League finds it’s top 4 players, the semi and grand finals will then be played at the offline LAN finals in Vantaa, Finland playing for a €500 prize pool.

Prize pool splits:
1st place: €250
2nd place: €150
rank 3-4: €50 euros

The tournament expects to see the likes of current Finnish Champion Hansulinho and SJK’s Dominointi in attendance. 

To sign up for the tournament, click here. Players must have purchased a player license to participate which costs 9 euros.

This is FEL’s latest development following their extremely well received announcement of the $15,000 CS:GO Pro League sponsored by Omen by HP.



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