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Cyanide RETURNS!

Analyst and Ex-Fnatic Jungler Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen has announced his return to League of Legends on Twitter. The 22 year old Finnish superstar is the highest earning player in the country having won multiple events and will be back in the #ReturnOfTheLegends Tournament hosted by Hong Kong Tourism Board.  This is a good opportunity for his fans to finally see him revisit the professional side of the game once again. 

Cyanide will be competing with Team Europe alongside other previous top players kev1n, yellowpete, xPeke and Lamia.
Their competition are:
– Team Mainland China : CaoMei, Ruo, Misaya, WeiXiao and Fzzf
– Team Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau : Stanley, Lillballz, Toyz, GodJJ and MiSTakE
– Team North America : HotshotGG, TheOddOne, LiNk, Chaox and Chauster

In an interview regarding Cyanide returning to League of Legends competitively back in Autumn 2016 he said with assertion “If I were to return as a pro, I would return to try to be the best”. Does this mean that this the start of his return for good? We can only speculate but for sure it will be an event nobody would want to miss and who knows, in the future we may see Cyanide and co back at the top once again.

The event will be from the 4th-6th August and we will follow his progress closely.

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