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Are SJK About to Split?

Photo: SJK eSports

In January we welcomed new Finnish eSports organisation, Rynnäkköviikset to Finnish Counter-Strike when they signed the last minute wild card team of the Assembly Winter 2017 event.

It was a dream start to their CS:GO venture with their new under-dog team managing to make it the whole way to the semi finals, taking down the likes of iGame, an allu mix team and Conquer Gaming along the way. The line up showed some really promising signs with talents such as sLowi and EYELESS catching the eyes of international onlookers. A 4th place finish was more than pleasing for the SJK partnered organisation.

RV CS:GO at Assembly Winter 2017

The event that followed was in March, LanTrek 2017 in Tampere, Finland. Much was now expected of the line up having done so well at the Professional tournament in Assembly. Their group seen teams such as ENCE eSports, Tampere Saints and SkitLite coming up as opposition. Following a shaky group stage, losing to SkitLite, the team managed to get out of the groups and through to the playoffs after a convincing victory over ENCE eSports. 

The play offs seen one of the most controversial situations occur in Finnish CS:GO history, when RV were once again paired against SkitLite in the knockout brackets. Despite the uproar the match went ahead which say SkitLite taking the game 2-0 and leaving Rynnäkköviikset with a disappointing top 8 finish. Once again RV showed signs of potential in their game and it led to a move that was a big step forward for Finnish Counter-Strike. 

Veikkausliiga Football team SJK announced the official signing of the Rynnäkköviikset side along with a couple of changes to their roster as their official CS:GO team on 7th April 2017. SJK signed their academy team to professional contracts as well as picking up doto and henkka after impressive performances at LanTrek for TMVG and Conquer respectively. 

Following the signing to SJK, the team attended Vectorama in Oulu, Finland where they reached the semi finals after falling 2-0 to SkitLite once again for a top 4 finish. This event again was promising for the line up after winning their group over close contenders Conquer and mix team croveNt.

Not long after Vectorama it was announced that star AWPer and frontman Olli ‘sLowi’ Pitkänen would be released from the team and SJK went on to attend the $10,000 Nordic eSports Academy event with STOVVE.

The NeSA event seemed to be the nail in the coffin for SJK’s CS:GO line up with a scare in the opening match against SkitLite Academy that if it weren’t for STOVVE dropping 40 kills, would have been the biggest upset in Finnish CS:GO of 2017. The team went into the playoffs but didn’t achieve the placement they had wanted for the 3rd event in a row.

It now appears that the team may have disbanded with SJK not being seen playing any tournaments or officials for over a month giving indications that the team have now split. SJK eSports however, have not revealed anything official about their CS:GO team or their future in the esport.

Updates to follow on the SJK situation

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